<P>Western Digital has now launched a new series of harddrives called AV and just like Samsung it has set its sight for multimedia systems and Media Center PCs. AV is short for Audio/Video and implies that the disks are to be used in multimedia environments where both noise and heat are of utmost importance. <U>WD's AV series</U>&nbsp;offers more than just little noise and a cool working environment, but also a higher reliability, which is&nbsp;also a very important factor with Media Center PCs, as they are often running 24/7. </P><P><EM>"In addition to the sound-reducing properties of IntelliSeek and ramp load, WD utilizes multi-stage formed stainless steel top covers and precision-designed base castings that minimize sound levels for consumer sound-sensitive applications. The result is WD AV drives emit less than one sone, which is virtually below the threshold of human hearing."</EM> </P>
<P>We're looking forward to comparisons between this new series and <U>Samsung SpinPoint S166</U>,&nbsp;which is for the same market. But already we can see a big advantage with Western Digital AV, namely the storage capacity which will be 80GB up to 500GB.</P></SPAN>