<P><STRONG>http//www.virtium.com/¨Virtium Technology</A></STRONG> has announced a number of new memory modules for specially designed computer systems working in demanding environments. The main market is blade servers and other products where the space is limited. Virtium has now broadened its DDR2 assortment with several new and different memory modules with a couple of different systems in mind, but they all one thing in common; they are all of a minimal formfactor. Virtium offers everything from SODIMM to RDIMM modules in two different formfactors; VLP (Very Low Profile Memory Modules) and ULP (Ultra Low Profile Memory Modules). Despite being only 18mm high the modules are available with storage densities up to 4GB.</P><P><EM>"Our enhanced standard VLP and ULP memory modules provide a significant edge for today's embedded system designers," said Phan Hoang, director of research and development, Virtium Technology Inc. "Lower height and higher density memory is a major advantage when designing for demanding and complex embedded applications."</EM> </P>
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