<a href=www.anandtech.com>Anandtech</a> has been quiet for quite some time; now we know why they just brought us part I of an article named "2003 power supply roundup". Now, they are able to present us part II. 18 Power supplies are on the test block; amongst them well known ones like Antec's purepower series, but obscure models like an Allied 400W supply. What did they have to say?

<i>"Overall, the surprise victors of this roundup were Fortron and Zalman. Both included virtually identical units in the review and both performed extremely well, especially in the sound tests. However, since the Fortron units are priced about $20 lower than the Zalman units, we have to give our editor’s choice award to the Fortron. ThermalTake came in very strong, with very low noise and very high stability. The $74 cost is high, but considering the other external fan control power supply costs $60 more, we think the cost is easily justifiable."</i>

Read the full article <a href=http//www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1841&p=1>here.</a>