As the Serial ATA format is establishing on the market, we see an increasing number of products in this area. Not just&nbsp;Serial ATA&nbsp;harddrives but also Serial ATA controllers and so on. has taken a closer look at the last one mentioned&nbsp;and compared four different&nbsp;Serial ATA controllers through tests. All&nbsp;tests are also based on RAID-arrayer and the two most common varieties are tested, RAID 0&nbsp;and RAID 1. Except for&nbsp;the three PCI&nbsp;based controller card, Silicon Image, Promise&nbsp;and 3Ware, they have tested Intel's integrated Serial ATA RAID&nbsp;support in ICH5-R south bridge. To really push the harddrive controllers, two&nbsp;Western Digital Raptor drives are used, offering an incredible performance and not the least in RAID-arrays. The results are very positive in my eyes, as&nbsp;Intel's ICH5-R configuration seems to be a real catch, especially at RAID 0. Read the whole article at http//;</A>.