<P><STRONG>http//www.listan.netRevoltec</A></STRONG> isn't perhaps one of the best known brands but an actor that has been broadening its assortment and has some great ambitions. Some of its latest creations is for the desk as it has launched a new keyboard and mouse for the fastidious gamers. Revoltec claims that its FightBoard and FightMouse should satisfy these gamers and even if this is a big market it is still a market very hard to break into. The demands are extremely high and the competition is very tough but we've taken a close look at Revoltec's latest setup to see if it can be an alternative to the already established mice and keyboards.</P>
<P><EM>"Today we're going to take a look at some new products from Revoltec, namely FightBoard Advanced, FightMouse Advanced and Gamepad Precision Basic. These are three products, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad, which are targeted to gamers."</EM> </P>
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