<P><STRONG>Conroe-L</STRONG> was seen a couple of months ago as the rumored core appeared on one of Intel's roadmaps. Now HKEPC reports that the new core will be the base of Intel's new Celeron 400 series. While Celeron&nbsp;D hardly impressed anyone with its power consumption that is precisely what the 400 series does. A TDP (Thermal Design Power) at only 35W has to be considered more than OK and up to par with AMD's Sempron. The two first models, 430 and 440, will according to HKEPC be launched at 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz respectively, a 512KB L2 cache and an 800MHz FSB. These two are expected to be launched during the third quarter.</P><P>At the same time, they report that Intel has chosen to put Wolfdale at a TDP of 65W. Wolfdale is Core 2 Duo manufactured with a 45nm process and simply suppose to replace today's Core 2 Duo series. This is the same as Conroe, but we should be able to expect higher frequencies and better overall performance through an increased set of instructions and optimizations.</P>
<P>Intel's quad-core processors will in a few months switch to stepping G, which will bring a reduction of today's 105W down to 95W. A figure which then Yorkfield will adapt to. The only thing that could become an obstacle is that they come with an updated power supply design, which could become a problem with some motherboards, but that remains to be seen.</P>
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