<P><STRONG>http//www.samsung.comSamsung</A></STRONG> has now published http//www.samsung.com/PressCenter/PressRelease/PressRelease.asp?seq=20070103_0000309157#information about a new 16Gb 50nm NAND flash circuit</A> which it has developed with Solid State Disk units in mind. This is suppose be the first NAND flash circuit which has been made with a 50nm process and use an MLC (Multi-Level Cell) design, which is suppose to result in both higher write and read speeds.&nbsp;According to Samsung the new circuits will have almost twice the performance of previous circuits and would so be perfect for the SSD market which Samsung has been betting for for some time. The circuits will hit mass production in the first quarter of 2007, but so far it's unclear what products that will actually use these circuits.</P>