<P>The first series of OLPCs have now been completed and one of the persons who got a hold of one has made <A href="http//www.eetimes.com/rss/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=196100148&amp;cid=RSSf eed_eetimes_newsRSS" target=_blank set="yes"><U>a video which reveals the Linux-based user interface</U></A>. The video has been <A href="http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwzCsOFxT-U&amp;mode=related&amp;search=" target=_blank set="yes"><U>uploaded to YouTube</U></A> so that everyone will be able to watch it and see what the tiny laptop has to offer. The interface displays some fresh thinking even if it may feel a bit spartan when compared to a regular linux distribution, but on the other hand it is problably just right for those who are going to use it in the end. Testing of the laptop's durability has begun and from what we understand there will be kicks, punches, falls from various heights and such which it has to endure.</P>