<P>OLPC, One Laptop Per Child, is the ambitious project of developing and manufacturing a computer that will be sold to third world countries at a price of 100 USD. The goal is to increase the computer knowledge and educational possibilities for children in countries which otherwise have a hard time getting a hold of computers. Now the first prototypes of the OLPC computers have appeared and even if the first models are hand built they are very much alike those that will be shipped to countries who want them. But also to open source developers and others who wants to broaden the use of this interesting machine.</P><P><EM>"I like this idea of sunrise over OLPC because it really captures where we are today. Last night we had our first real run on an assembly line and put together roughly 200 systems. This is the first time that all of the parts have really been assembled together for testing. Those machines will start making their way out to people soon. Countries, individual open source developers, and interested parties."</EM></P>
<P>At Cambridge they've taken <A href="http//www.0xdeadbeef.com/weblog/?p=242" target=_blank set="yes"><U>a closer look</U></A>&nbsp;at one of the first hand built production prototypes and has taken several pictures of the system and published at <U>OLPC's wiki</U>.</P>
<P align=center><IMG style="WIDTH 397px; HEIGHT 599px" alt="" hspace=0 src="http//www.nordichardware.com/image3.php?id=2295" align=bottom border=1></P>