<P><SPAN class=textstandard>As we've previously reported Nintendo would hold press events at the end of this week and now that they are over we thought we would try to summarize all of the information that has appeared. Already on the 13th IGN posted both price and launch date for Wii in <U>USA</U> and <U>Japan</U>; $250 including the game Wii Sports and November 17 for USA and&nbsp;December 2 for Japan. Europa will see <U>the console arrive on December 8 and it will then cost €250</U>&nbsp;while the games will cost €50.</SPAN></P><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P>Nintendo has also managed to turn around what many considered to be GameCube's greatest weakness the support from third party developers (<U>1</U> &amp; <U>2</U>). At the same time, IGN has published <U>a list of the game developers that will support Virtual Console</U> and there we can see companies such as Bandai Namco Games, Capcom, Hudson, Konami, Sega, TAITO, Tecmo and Squaresoft. The prices will be 500YEN ($5)&nbsp;for NES, 800YEN ($6.5) for SNES and 1000YEN ($8.5)&nbsp;for N64 games.</P>
<P>Eurogamer has <U>four movies covering the interface</U>&nbsp;that has now been displayed to the public. A very interesting interface with more functions than yours truly had anticipated. 1up reports that the browser from Opera <U>will only be free up until June 2007</U>. This has not been confirmed by Nintendo.</P>
<P>At the same time Nintendo has launched <U>Wii.com for the American market</U>, which makes it easier for us who doesn't understand Japanese to follow the latest news about Nintendo's console. To round off, Wii will be <U>region-free</U>, but it's up to the game developers to use it or not. Wii will <U>not have support for DVD movies</U>&nbsp;and Nintendo will <U>as usual be making money from day one</U>.</P></SPAN>