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    Shuttle gets another competitor in the SFF market

    <P>Shuttle who was the real pioneer in the Small Form Factor market has now gotten another competitor. Shuttle’s XPC series have for a long time dominated the SFF market but the competition is now starting to catch up. One of the manufacturers that has released several different SFF models is Chyang Fun and Techseekers.net has gotten their hands on the e-Cube CF-S968 model for Pentium 4. A very nice barebone system with good looks and with several similarities from the Shuttle XPC series. The guys at Techseekers also seems very pleased with the system that dosen't show any major flaws.</P>
    <P><EM>"Other than that, I feel that along with its size, excellent performance as a standalone PC as well as a Home Theatre PC box the s-Cube CF-S968 is an excellent product."</EM></P>
    <P>Read the whole review http//www.techseekers.net/modules.php?name=Reviews&amp;rop=showcontent&amp;i d=40&amp;page=1here</A>.</P><nobrs><nosmile><nosmile>

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    "Techseekers also seems very" should be spelled "Techseekers also seem very"

    He, she, it seems - but they seem. Right?

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    You’re absolutely correct Izomatic was a bit hasty when writing the news.

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