<P><SPAN class=textstandard><U><STRONG>Debian</STRONG></U>&nbsp;is one of the most popular linux distributions today. Among desktop users it's even the most popular if you consider the fact that Ubuntu is actually based on Debian. Anyhow, it has now bumped into a serious setback as Matthew Garrett, one of the most active maintainers, <U>has chosen to leave after weeks of internal quarrels</U>&nbsp;mainly regarding the future path of Debian. Garrett says that Debian is in need of a reorganisation and he makes many parallels to Ubuntu and how they've chosen to organize themselves.</SPAN></P><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P><EM>"The biggest problem with Debian is probably the idea that every developer's voice is equal. It's clear that this isn't really true -- people tend to end up in positions to make decisions due to merit rather than popular acclaim, and there's no obligation on the people in these positions to listen to everyone. It tends to lead to prolonged discussion as the developers fight amongst themselves because everyone feels that they need to make their opinion clear in case it's ignored."</EM> </P>
<P>Not entirely unlike the situation NetBSD is in where there is a lack of a strong leader and a clear structure within the organisation, but at the same time the people involved in Debian says they have no intention of letting this come in their way but will continue working as before, even though they will miss Garrett's support.</P></SPAN>