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Thread: Asus Tv fm card

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    Asus Tv fm card

    First hello to everybody...
    Second, I have a problem with asus tv fm card.
    I have an Aopen Ak73(A)-V (KT133) motherboard,ati radeon 7000 64mb sdram gfx card, creative 5.1 sb live etc...
    It all worked fine, but I bought few days ago new tv card and when I put it in the PCI, I don't get any signal on monitor...when i take the card out of mboard and turn the computer on everything works fine and my monitor turns on...
    I thought that the problem is with gfx card so I put my other card (geforce 2mx400 32mb) but the problem is still there...
    Then I tried taking out the sound card but nothing....
    I think that the problem is beetween motherboard and tv/fm but I'm not sure...
    What do ya think?

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    Hello Vertygo and very welcome to the forum!

    Well, have you tried the tv-card in another machine ? Because if it makes problem there you have solved the problem

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    remove everything from the pci ports, just keep the tv card and the graphics card in the agp. if no picture, change pci slot. if you can't get any picture on your monitor when you have tried all the pci slots, i would've updated my bios.

    edit: http://download.aopen.com.tw/downloads/userdownload_List.asp?Publish=Yes&nowok=Yes&am p;RecNo=6137&Model=AK73(A)-V <- that is your latest bios version. but please double check before you flash! asus' site is a bit too weird for me at this time :P
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