<SPAN class=textstandard><STRONG>http//www.nintendo.comNintendo</A></STRONG> and <STRONG>http//www.opera.comOpera Software</A></STRONG> announced at E3 that not only Nintendo DS would be able to enjoy Opera's browser software but that also the stationary video game console Nintendo Wii would be able to enjoy a specially designed version of Opera. Controlling a browser with a video game controller may not sound as a very pleasant thing to do, but with Wii it is not just any controller. When we first heard that Opera would be available with Wii we assumed that it would take advantage of the mothon sensitive controller to control large portions of the functions and that actually seems to be the case. Over at <U>IGN they've had a chat with Scott Hedrick from Opera for Devices</U>&nbsp;and we get to know a little more about Nintendo and Opera's plans.</SPAN>