<SPAN class=textstandard><STRONG>http//www.amd.comAMD</A></STRONG> has now launched its new AM2 platform and the upcoming months we will see many transferring to the new platform and even if we hardly recommend a current Socket 939 owner to upgrade his or hers system there are those who have been waiting a long time to calm the "upgrade-devil" inside. A minor problem with the AM2 platform is the so far rather poor assortment of AM2 compatible processor coolers. Those who wants to use something other than AMD's stock cooler may have some trouble finding a new partner for the processor. We will most likely see many manufacturers launch processor coolers for the AM2 platform's new socket soon, but the best is of course if you can continue using your current Socket 939 cooler or buy an available&nbsp;model.</SPAN><P><SPAN class=textstandard>At Madshrimps they've taken things into their own hands and launched a <U>compatiblity list of AM2 processor coolers</U>. In short, what coolers that are available today that work with Socket AM2 out of the box and what coolers which just need some minor alterations.</SPAN></P>