<SPAN class=textstandard><U><STRONG>Super Talent</STRONG></U>&nbsp;has decided, like so many others, to launch its own series of MP3 players. That memory manufacturers has a rather short&nbsp; step to take doesn't exactly make this more of a surprise. The players will be available in two different colors, black and white, come with a 128x128 OLED display, FM radio and up to 2GB capacity. SanDisk has really succeeded with its cheap players and we assume these are suppose to compete in the same segment. The 1GB model has&nbsp;a MSRP at $98, which seems very reasonable, but when we noticed the poor battery time at only 6-8 hours we hesitated a bit.</SPAN><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P align=left>We thought that catastrophal battery times with iPod in the lead was a time of the past, but apparently not. Perhaps we're a bit picky considering that the price is quite affordable.</P>
<P align=left>Super Talent has high expactations for its new product and we have to say they've been able to come up with a rather unique design and with the help of the price it will most likely be able to sell quite a lot of these.&nbsp; </P>
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<P align=left><EM>"We didn’t want to offer a me-too product, so we started with a very stylish design, loaded it up with easy-to-use features, and finished it off with impressive packaging and a detailed user manual.”</EM> Miss Chiang added, <EM>“It’s a fun, truly awesome product!".</EM> </P>
<P align=left>Source <U>Super Talent</U></P></SPAN>