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<P><STRONG><U>HP</U>&nbsp;</STRONG>has now admitted that two of its laser printers, HP Color LaserJet 2500 and 4600, have a bug that makes it possible for hackers to take control over the computer that the printer is connected to. The hacker will also be able to read all documents that&nbsp;is being printed, a delicate problem to many companies. The security hole was discovered by the Danish security firm Secunia that at the same time calls it a "less critical" breach as it is a bit hard to take advantage of. HP has released an update for its printers and urge all customers to update as soon as possible. We are abit curious though, what would happen if a hacker took control over the printer and set it to work at perhaps an abnormal rate...</P>
<P>Source <U>The Inquirer</U></P></SPAN>