<a href=http//www.xbitlabs.com>Xbit labs</a> present us with two nice articles to read during the weekend <ul><li>The first one deals with manufacturing techniques used in current processors. You can read it <a href=http//www.xbitlabs.com/articles/editorial/display/tech-process.html>here.</A></li><li>A second article is about evolutions in Display technology. This article is to be found <a href=http//www.xbitlabs.com/articles/editorial/display/oled.html>here.</a> I could recommend to read <a href=http//www.dansdata.com/gz021.htm>this</a> column from <a href=http//www.dansdata.com>Dan's Data</a> as well. (and the comments, which you can find <a href=http//www.dansdata.com/danletters046.htm>here.</a></li></ul>

Something else I cannot refuse you is this; apparently somebody thought Lian-Li's fishes were not vivid enough... So he made an ant nest in his case. See it yourself <a href=http//www.techtv.com/screensavers/howto/story/0,24330,3433785,00.html>here.</A> (Suggestion Who's going to house reptiles on his/her Geforce FX 5800 ULTRA? Those animals like hot rocks to rest on D )

I guess that's enough reading for this weekend...<nosmile><nosmile>