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<P><STRONG><U>Catalyst 6.2</U></STRONG> was recently published at ATI's homepage and to those who haven't updated yet or are curious about any performance gains there might be there is a remedy over at TweakTown. They've namely published a performance comparison of Catalyst 6.2 and Catalyst 5.13 with ATI's three different X1K series. All three, X1300, X1600 and X1800 seems to react well to the optimizations of the new drivers despite that ATI has claimed it has not made any specific performance improving updates with Catalyst 6.2. Unfortunately they haven't included the X1900 series, but that there is no support for those cards in the earlier drivers might explain that.</P>
<P> <U>Read on at TweakTown</U> http//www.nordichardware.com/filearchive/fil,362.htmlDownload Catalyst 6.2</A></P></SPAN>