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<P><STRONG>HTPC</STRONG> or <STRONG>Media Center</STRONG> are commonbly used names for computers whose primary use are multimedia entertainment, one way or another. HTPC is short for Home Theater PC and Media Center comes from Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition operating system. At XYZ Computing they are sure that the concept will get its big breakthrough this year, which already started in 2005 with the launch of MCE2005. We can just agree and in fact your's truly is actually in the middle of building a HTPc of his own, while at least a number of people in my surrounding already have a couple. At XYZ Computing they've published a picture article covering a number of HTPC chassis that was&nbsp;displayed at CES and there are several interesting models for those with plans to build a <STRONG>HTPC</STRONG>.</P>
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