<P><SPAN class=textstandard><U><STRONG>Intel Centrino</STRONG></U>&nbsp;is on the verge of entering generation 3. The first, which took the market by storm, was based on the extremely popular Dothan core and the i855GM/PM chipsets. Generation two took over with PCI-Express, DDR2, faster bus and an updated core, but now it is time for generation 3 and this time we get access to dual cores with the new Yonah circuit. As we have earlier reported Intel has chosen to use a, the least to say, confusing PR-rating The first letter marks the power consumption of the processor T stands for 25-49W, L 15-24W and U &lt;14W. The following four digits indicate in order number of cores (1 or 2), the computing power (the higher the better) and the last two is a bit uncertain but are at the moment just two zeros. They may very well have an important task to fill later on, with updates and such.</SPAN></P><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P>With the new new processors we will of course also see new chipsets based on the 945 circuit, 945GM and 945PM. DDR2 with dual channel support will be there, but watch out as Intel will launch chipsets later on that lacks this support with almost identical names, 945GMS and 954GMZ. There will also be a low end option that most likely will be paired with Celeron, 940GML.</P>
<P>What about the performance then? It's good, very good even.&nbsp;With applications that has support for dual cores it whips the old Dothan with almost twice as good results at the same speed. Even in regular tests which are not dependant on dual cores the new processor performs better. </P>
<P>Overall it seems that Intel has succeeded with its new platform and considering the huge amount of processorer that will arrive soon we can most likely expect a whole lot of new, interesting and above all more laptops to pick from with various combinations with all of the new chipsets. </P>
<P>Intel is apparently in the mood for releasing new products as&nbsp;it just yesterday launched its intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 and as you know we will get to see a whole range of new processors, both desktop and mobile, from both Intel and AMD this spring.</P>
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