<P><SPAN class=textstandard><U><STRONG>Xbox 360</STRONG></U> and the hysteria it has caused can't have been missed by anyone by now. We constantly hear of new reports about it and even if Microsoft has kept a relatively low profile in many of the questions it seems to have the situation under control. One of the things it hasn't commented on earlier, other than that "things are going as planned", is the lack of consoles. Now it has admitted that it is simply a lack of circuits that is the cause of this, or more precise the relatively low yield with the circuits.</SPAN></P><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P><EM>"In these new consumer electronics devices based on new chips, there’s always the question of what yield will you get out of the manufacturing process of the new chip. We’re getting a little less, but not much less than the yields we expected, and we know that the yields we expected will probably outrun supply. We decided to go ahead and launch rather than wait until post-Christmas and get a few million units out into the hands of users. We’re doing our best."</EM></P>
<P>If this should be interpreted as Microsoft blaiming their suppliers or that it wanted to be generous towards the consumers we leave up to you to decide.</P>
<P>Source <U>games.techwhack.com</U></P></SPAN>