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<P>Media Center is a word being used quite frequently here at NordicHardware, both in the news and&nbsp;other situations. The digital home is growing and a computer dedicated for digital entertainment are something more people are thinking about, or even working on. Many are going for a system that you can fit among your stereo components and goes for a design that fits that. But then we have those who wants their Media Center system to be seen a little extra, in other words show off both with the design and with the digital entertainment. Our modding guru Mårten "MjO" Johansson is one of these people. He has namely asembled a new Media Center computer that is like no other. Now you can follow his entire project here in our latest article, MjO Media Center.</P>
<P><EM>"Ever since the day I removed the disco ball I’ve had an inner longing to be the king of the dance floor and if you can’t do it physically, you have to come up with something else. I made a few fast sketches inside my head and came to the conclusion that the computer would be built with slightly blue tinted plexiglas. The plexiglas would be kept together with screws and bolts that run all the way through the case. Because I wanted it to be visible, I made it an open case, in other words completely without sides and of course it had to be water cooled.."</EM></P>
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