<a href=http//www.lostcircuits.com>Lostcircuits</A> compared Zalman's CNPS7000-AlCu, an Aluminium-Copper hybride, with an other Zalman cooler, the CNPS7000-Cu full copper. Both have the same design, but other materials used. Lostcircuits came up with some interesting results

<i>"Bottom line is that either there are no differences between the -Cu and the -AlCu version, or if any differences exist, the AlCu bimetal design is better than the all copper version. Add the facts that the pure copper version weighs 50% more, further that copper will oxidize over time, which causes deterioration of heat exchange because of the insulating properties of copper oxide and last not least that copper is softer than aluminum and, hence, be more prone to mechanical damage and ... the winner is... CNPS7000-AlCu. "</i>

Read the full review <a href=http//www.lostcircuits.com/advice/zalman_cnps7000alcu/4.shtml>here.</a><nosmile><nosmile>