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    How far can I go?

    How far can I actually push my MSI Ti4200? I have the 128MB version if that makes a difference to anybody.

    I have a fan in the side window on my pc as well as you can see here.

    Right now i have it sucking air from inside the computer to minimise dust and stuff(mostly cat hairs) accumulating inside the computer.

    Is it better to place it blowing in over the AGP slot? I DO have a fan in the front which is more or less in the same height blowing on the card from the front, will this be enough for OC:ing?

    I've pushed it to about 510/310 already and i don't get artifacts or anything when playing [haven't looped 3dmark yet]

    what you ppl say? you think i can push it to the top? (630/350)

    i also want to know where the boundaries for Ti 4400 and Ti4600 go so i know more or less how fast this baby is really rolling out at

    I will never know my self until I do this on my own.

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    Re: How far can I go?

    You have overclocked your core pretty much, the standard speeds for the 4200 is 250 MHz. It think that you memory can be overclocked alot more, right now I think your 4200 is as fast as a 4400 (550/275).

    If you buy better cooling for the board you will maybe be able to push it to the speeds of a 4600 (650/300).

    Use every fan you got!

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