<!--StartFragment --><SPAN class=textstandard>Yesterday we reported on the first 3D-display whcih could project an image in thin air. In Japan, who would've guessed, it has far bigger plans than that. It is namely planning on introducing a commercial 3D-TV somewhere around the year 2020. You will not only ba ble to watch in three dimensions but also feel and smell the experience.&nbsp;The breakthrough nededed in manipulating&nbsp;surfaces and creating smells is probably the biggest problem&nbsp;they are facing.</SPAN> <!--StartFragment --><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P><EM>"Such a TV would have a wide range of potential uses. It could be used in home-shopping programs, allowing viewers to "feel" a handbag before placing their order, or in the medical industry, enabling doctors to view or even perform simulated surgery on 3-D images of a patient's heart."</EM> </P>
<P>It sounds like pure science fiction but is planning on&nbsp;putting away&nbsp;over 9 million dollar in next year's budget to spend on this. Which means they're are going to make an honest attempt to completely change the way we watch TV.</P>
<P>Source <U>Computer World</U></P></SPAN>