<!--StartFragment --><SPAN class=textstandard>We will start with a new event here at NH called "Tip of the day!". Easy tips and tricks that will help you with your computer and perhaps simplify things. Each day there will be a new tip and we are very grateful for all the help we can get from you, our readers. The first Tip of the day! is for those of you who are still stuck with the filesystem FAT32 and don't know how to convert to the in every aspect better NTFS.</SPAN> <!--StartFragment --><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P>Today's tip is for Windows XP-users and you simply open up the Command Prompt (type <EM>cmd</EM>,&nbsp;in Run) and then do as follows;</P>
<P>&nbsp;<EM>Convert X /FSNTFS</EM></P>
<P>Replace X with the&nbsp;letter of the partition you want to convert. After pressing enter you will have to confirm, just press Y for for Yes and then again to reboot and finalize. </P>
<P><STRONG>You will not loose any data by doing this!</STRONG></P>
<P>We hope that this tip will be helpful and if you have a Tip to share with our readers don't hesitate to send it to us. </P>
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