<P>Interviews with big companies have lately become more frequent. http//www.penstarsys.com/Penstarsys.com </A>had the fortune to talk with nVIDIA's Mike Hara.&nbsp;This five page long interview which covers more or less everything nVIDIA&nbsp;works with&nbsp;is one of the better interviews for a long time. It contains&nbsp;a lot of&nbsp;interesting information about X-Box, X-Box 2, nForce2, GeForce FX and the cooperation with Apple. Also some discussions about nVIDIA's marvellous expansion is mentioned.</P>
<P><EM>"One of the main questions asked of NVIDIA is how they do it all? NVIDIA has grown from three engineers in the early 90's to over 400+ engineers this year. How exactly is this workforce divided up? Any company producing processors makes "teams" of engineers that are focused on one product or architecture."</EM></P>
<P>Read the whole interview http//www.penstarsys.com/Interviews/nvidia/m_hara/index.htmlhere</A>.</P>