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    Classy HTPC from Norway

    <!--StartFragment --><SPAN class=textstandard>
    <P>Our Norwegian fellows at overkkloking.no recently published an article named 'Projekt beQuiet'. The project's, as the name reveals, goal is&nbsp; a quiet system and in this case it's a HTPC-system that should be able to handle it's tasks as quiet as possible.</P>
    <P>We're not looking at a regular computer here with your "everyday" components. The entire chassi and much of its functions have been made from scratch. You can hardly complain about this invention even though it has some similarities with <U>Hush's HTPC-chassi</U>.</P>
    <P align=center><IMG style="WIDTH 400px; HEIGHT 300px" alt="" hspace=0 src="http//www.nordichardware.se/news-pics/htpc.jpg" align=bottom border=1></P>
    <P>The thought of a soundless system has been taken to the extreme, the extire system is passively cooled and he has even thrown out the mechnical harddrive and replaced it with flashcard (CF-card) as storage.</P>
    <P>The HTPC-system is hardly a highend product considering the performance but handles its tasks well, and it is completely quiet. A highly recommended article for those about to build a HTPC in other words.The&nbsp;article can be found at&nbsp;<U>Overklokking.no</U>.</P></SPAN>

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    So damn nice!!!

    I want one now! If there is one single thing that I don't like, it is the fact that he chose to go with Win 98. I can understand the issue with having only 512 MB of "disk" to use but W98?? Well, he got it looking great. Must have been quite some tweaking before he got that nice gui.
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    I can't say I'm a fan of the looks, but damn passive cooling cooling gives me goosebumps, especially done this well

    I wouldn't have mind if had made it smaller as well, but then the heat might have become a bit too much.

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