Rules for NordicHardware

Below you will find the rule we expect that you as a member of NordicHardware read through and make your best to obey. The rules are written to create order and keep a good mood.

General rules

* Be nice and treat other members with respect even if you don’t share their opinions.
* Personal attacks and/or offensive posting are not allowed.
* We don’t allow incriminating information regarding persons or companies being posted on the forum such as names, addresses and phone numbers.
* Any form racism isn’t allowed.
* Personal messages are preferably handled via pm and not in the forum.
* Keep to the subject. If you don’t have anything to contribute with it’s better to not write at all.
* Don’t post meaningless threads/posts.
* Use the forums search function before posting a new thread. Chances are someone has already asked your question earlier on.
* Take time to read through your post before you send it. This is the best way to avoid misunderstanding and hopefully you will get better help faster.
* Make sure you have a proper title on you post to avoid misunderstandings.

Avatars, signatures and nicks

You avatar can be at 60*60 pixels and 6kb. No animated avatars are allowed. We don’t allow political avatars or avatars that other might find offensive.

* When changing nick you’re forced to use it for another 6 months.
* Keep the previous avatar. When changing your avatar this should be clearly notified in the signature.
* Also inform in the signature what you’re previous nick was.

Signatures can hold a maximum of 280 signs. Images are not allowed in signatures. Avoid mixing to much with colors and text sizes in you signature.


NordicHardware doesn’t allow any form of discussions regarding pirated software and/or cards. You are not allowed to post links to pages that relate to these subjects. Further more we don’t allow any form of discussions of how to work around copy protections and such no matter of the author of the thread’s original intentions.

Any form of suggestive remarks regarding piracy is forbidden.


Pornographic material or links to this doesn’t belong at NordicHardware.

Advertising and personal sales

It is not allowed to spread advertisements for any outsider activity without the permission of NordicHardware.

If you’re interested in buying ad space at NordicHardware please send a mail to


Through meaningless posts trying to move a thread upwards in the forum index is not allowed.


Don’t post images larger than 640*480 pixels directly in the forum. Link to bigger pictures than that. In pure image threads this rule may be overlooked if the topic is clearly marked.

Riding paragraphs are not allowed. NordicHardware’s administrators and moderators have full rights to make any decisions they find fitting for the situation. We would like to remind our readers that NordicHardware is not a democratic society where all members have the right to make decisions, although we try to listen to our members as much as possible. At NordicHardware’s forum the administrators and the moderators are in charge.

Breaking any previously mentioned rules can lead to warnings or even suspension from the forum. Reporting users to their ISP and legal actions may be taken.

Although administrators and moderators here at the forum try to remove or edit all disturbing material as fast possible it’s impossible to read through all posts. We would therefore like to inform you that all posts made here at this forum are explicit thoughts of the author not of NordicHardware. Administrators and moderators can not be held responsible for other posts than them they have self written.