<P>In our latest review here at NordicHardware we’re taking a closer look at a memory package from the famous manufacturer Corsair. The Corsair TWINX512-3200LL is a package consisting of two PC3200 DDR-SDRAM modules that are optimized for dual channel DDR chipsets. But they also wear the LL suffix which is a real interesting feature, especially for the novice user. Now users can take advantage of optimized memory timings without manually altering settings in BIOS. Read more about the LL suffix and Corsair’s latest entry on the memory market in the review.</P>
<P><EM>"Corsair has once again put up an impressive show in our test lab with well thought out and well produced memory modules.During the review we saw many similarities between the XMS3500C2 module and the TWINX512-3200LL module. A better judgement is hard to get at this point and some things are even better with the TWINX modules."</EM></P>
<P>Read the entire review http//www.nordichardware.com/reviews/memory/2003/Corsair_Twinx/index.phphere</A>.</P><nobrs><nosmile><nosmile>