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    Thermal shutdowns?

    I just put a new PC together[list][*]xp3200+[*]Asus A7N8X E-Deluxe[*]2 x 512Mb Crucial PC3200[*]2 x WD1600JD SATA[/list:u]and it's been nothing but headaches from the start. I started off using a NorthQ 3001 Silent Ice II CPU cooler, but the CPU temp was in the very high 60's at idle and thing would crash on me randomly, displaying some weird BSOD's. After testing the RAM and underclocking the CPU (which allowed the machine to run long enough for me to install windows) I changed the CPU cooler to a Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 (using Arctic Silver 5) which pulled the CPU temp down quite a lot... but... I'm still afraid that the temp is a little too high. The PC is running a lot more stable now, but I'm still experiencing random crashes when I'm gaming and I'm convinced it's thermal shutdowns again. I've noticed that it's running at appx. 50C @ 4000rpm.

    I've heard a few people say that 50C isn't anything to worry about, and I wouldn't be worried if it was 50C when the PC was stressed, but 50C at idle seems like a lot to me. I even considered buying yet another CPU cooler... I saw someone post somewhere recently that a Gigabyte 3D Cooler-Ultra GT should run an xp3200 at 32.6C @ 4650 rpm, and I also considered getting a shim, although I'm not sure if a shim will reduce the CPU temp at all. The only additional cooling I have is a fan monted on the side door of the case (I tried turning it around so that it sucked air out of the case and got a temp increase).

    Anyone have any ideas for a cheap and relatively silent solution?

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    First off, that blowhole (fan centered over heatsink blowing air onto it) is a very good idea. For a good solution, Thermalright's SP-97 is an extremely good cooler. Coupled with a 92mm Vantec Tornado, you're sure to almost never have a cooling problem.

    Also, have you checked the ambient temps and the voltages? Underclocking a CPU but leaving the core voltages high will still keep the temperatures up.

    And you may want to check your AS5 job, and your overall mounting job with the cooler.
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    50C is nothing to worry about in idle with the 3200+. Especially with the Athlon XP.

    It's very important you don't use too much paste! This will reverse its effects. The layer should be paperthin.

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    Identical setup and problem...

    Hi, I have the same setup, temperatures have been 53c standard and the system crashes regularly. So I installed water cooling and the temp is now 43c with Seti going 24/7. Still crashes regularly though, the xp3200 was unhappy from the start and I think there's a problem with it or the mobo. Shame as they should be a good combo. Lost for ideas bar returning the processor/mobo and trying with new hardware.

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