<P>Prescott, the new version of Pentium 4, got a rather chilly reception from the press and enthusiasts when it was released. In many cases it turned out that the 50 %&nbsp;longer pipeline had the ability to make the processor slower it's Northwood-equivalent. </P>
<P>Accelenation has tested a Northwood 3.2 Ghz&nbsp;against a&nbsp;Prescott 3.2 Ghz in a series of tests with and without HyperThreading. </P>
<P>Also here we fidn the same relation as we have seen earlier tests considering performance.&nbsp;Often the performancegain of hyperthreading is actually less on Prescott. </P>
<P>Intel has a chance to improve the situation though since&nbsp;the new SSE3 contains, among others, two HyperThreading-related instructions that eventually will raise performance somewhat. </P>
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