I got my new SSD drive today, and was hoping I somehow could copy my entire C: partition (70 something GB) to my new SSD, 120 GB. And not have to install windows from scratch. This has proven a bit more complicated than I expected. I tried copying all files manually, and also tried to "recover" a backup of the C drive. After that I even tried Norton Ghost and copied the entire drive. What happens when I try to boot from the new drive is that i get that "bootmgr is missing" error. Tried repairing windows and choosing repair startup or what it's called. And also tried to use the bootrec /fixboot command in cmd. Nothing has worked.

I'm also not sure if I need to somehow change the drive letter manually to force the new drive to be C:? In my current config it's N:, but when I loaded "repair my windows" and entered Diskpart im CMD outside my current windows the new drive actually showed up as C:.

Is this meant to be this damn complicated? Are there any tools that make changing the HDD for the system easy? All I want is a perfect copy from my C: partition to my new drive, and after that make the new drive the boot/system drive and be called C:. =/