It's incredibly sad how few people really know the true Islam today.

Islam teaches many things and that includes justice, love, preserving family blood ties, brotherhood, kindness to one's parents, and the list goes on.

Many people in the West confuse the real teachings of Islam with the stupid behavior of extremists who have the audacity to call themselves muslims. Real muslims do not kill innocent people. But these terrorists use any excuse to justify their foolish actions.

Then there are those who use the following terms: "radical islam" or "islamic radicalism," or "islamic terrorists" which in reality have nothing to do with Islam. Why? Islam does not support any kind of radical, terrorist, or extremist behavior.

Another point that many people in the West confuse: Sunna with Shia sect. The "muslims" from Iran practice a version of Islam which isn't truly Islam. There was a split of who should have been the first muslim leader after Muhammad's death. Some believed that Muhammad(PBUH) wanted Ali Ibn Abi Talib to become the first Caliph. Ali's supporters became the shia sect. And the Sunni is the majority of muslims today. The Sunni is the practices of Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) which are the examples that he set forth in order to give future Muslims a clear guidance in how to behave in everyday life. This is the true Islam.

People are confusing politics with religion, and that is why most people today cannot get a truer picture of the real Islam.