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    MSI Big Bang XPower Vmod guide

    Haven't posted here for a while, but felt that it was about time by now. So here goes. A guide of the essential MSI Big Bang XPower Vmods.

    First up is the input power from the 8-pin connectors, which is capped at about 30A by one single choke. Just solder another one in parallel to increase this limit.

    Then there's of course OCP, which is at 200A from factory, with a 82.5k resistor. Just change to a resistor with lower resistance, 40k is 400A, which should be enough. Or just short the damn thing to get rid of it altogether.

    Another useful thing to mod might be the PWM switching frequency, which is set to 250kHz, although you may benefit from a bit higher frequency under LN2 runs. MSI itself recommends about 600kHz, which is achieved by changing the resistor shown to a 12k one. Just don't use 600kHz for 24/7 use on air, since the VRMs tend to produce quite a lot more heat than at 250kHz.

    So yeah, there you have it. I'd be dishonest if I took any credit for it, but at least you've got the mods right there for any future use.
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    Re: MSI Big Bang XPower Vmod guide

    So, I heard something about a launch, sent an email to AMD, and a few hours I went and picked a brand new CPU up... Turned out to be a Phenom II X2 555. I was of course so eager to get going so I didn't take any pics of it, but it looks just like any other Phenom II, manufactured somewhere around week 30, so it's quite old by AMD standards. C3 stepping of course... And here are my few results:

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