<P>Xigmatek is perhaps best know for its processor coolers, where several been promptly named after our Norse gods. The company has released a series of fans, and pretty big ones too. Xigmatek have presented two models of the XLF series where the top model XLF-F2003 measures 200mm in diameter. The entry model, XLF-F1703,&nbsp;comes in a pretty odd, but still large&nbsp;format; 170mm.</P><P>The fans sport LEDs and fits those who want to light up their case a bit. With 800 RPM the level of noise will be low 18dBA and shouldn't be a problem.</P>
<P>Interesting the screw holes are closer to the fan than we're used to. Unfortunately the measurements are not standardized and it could be problematic to install them. Prices are 14€ (170mm) and 15€ (200mm).</P>
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