<P>The Radeon HD 5000 graphics card series from AMD uses Eyefinity technology for gaming across three monitors. But to use a third monitor you need use the DisplayPort output and regular passive DisplayPort-to-DVI adapters won’t work here, which means you need to have at least one monitor with DisplayPort input to run Eyefinity. Sapphire has now launched an active DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter that solves the problem.</P><P>Already back during DreamHack Winter 2009 we found out that Sapphire was planning a DisplayPort adapter and got to see it in action live at the event.</P>
<P>The official launch is here and even we have not confirmed prices yet we have been hinted that it will be around $60-70. A bit much perhaps, but it means you can keep using your favorite monitor and doesn't have to invest in one of the rare DisplayPort monitors.</P>
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