<P>Intel's first hexa-core processor for retail has been developed under the code name Gulftown and it has long been rumored that it will become the Core i9 series. A recent Intel presentation that is said to have leaked to Chinese PC Online reveals that the http//www.pconline.com.cn/processor will in fact be called Core i7 980X</A>. The processor that is a part of the Intel Extreme Edition family is made with 32 nanometer technology and slides into the LGA 1366 socket.</P><P>The chipset in question will be the Intel X58 and we have already seen how ASUS have updated its motherboards to support Gulftown, through new BIOS updates.</P>
<P>The processor will not be bringing any specific performance optimizations other than the additional ability to handle more threads, compared to the current Core i7-9xx family and from this point of view it does make a lot of sense to make it a part of the same product family.</P>
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<P>The processor that is expected to launch in March&nbsp; 2010 will sport 12MB L3 cache, 130W TDP and a price tag of $999, which is the custom for Intel Extreme Edition processors. But then you also get a new and freshly developed cooler to keep temperatures on the right level. </P>
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