<P>Dell has launched a new slim notebook called Vostro V13. It’s a business notebook for the traveling workaholic, but it has a lot to offer for the demanding users as well. First of all it uses a design similar to the one Dell introduced with the first Dell Adamo notebooks, which means that Vostro V13 is really slim. Even if it is not "Adamo thin" is is still only 18mm in profile and luckily the price is not inherited from the slimmer cousin. </P><P>Dell Vostro V13 starts at $449 plus taxes, but that only gets you as far as a single-core&nbsp; Celeron 743 CPU and 2GB RAM. With the more powerful but still energy efficient Core 2 Duo SU7300 CPU and 4GB RAM the price goes up to $649 plus taxes.</P>
<P>All models sport 13.3” display with anti-glare treatment and 1366x768 pixel resolution, which should be more than sufficient for the traveling man or woman. The computer can of course be further customized at Dell’s website and looks like a real nice alternative for those looking for a new travel companion on a budget.</P>
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