<P>The effects of Intel’s announcement of dropping the first generation retail version of Larrabee didn't take long. AMD and NVIDIA was prepared to do battle with one more big actor in 2010, which in turn the rest of the market was prepared for too. But now that Intel has announced that the first generation of Larrabee products won’t be leaving the lab both AMD and NVIDIA could relax a bit. The news quickly spread to the stock market where http//www.fudzilla.com/content/view/16737/34/both companies enjoyed a nice and quick boost</A>. </P><P>When we first learned that Intel pulled the plug on retail Larrabee we concluded that this would benefit NVIDIA the most, and the stock exchange seems to agree with us.</P>
<P>NVIDIA stock has risen by nearly 13 percent&nbsp; since the weekend and stopped at&nbsp; $16.09 per per share at closing time last night. AMD increased by 8.4 percent to&nbsp; $8.52. Intel dropped&nbsp; 0.44 percent to $20.37 per stock, which is another sign of how little Larrabee matters for the future of Intel’s compared to the impact it will have on the competition.</P>
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