<P>The hours are few before AMD lifts the media embargo of the next flagship graphics card. Radeon HD 5970, also known as Hemlock, has already found its way into stores. ZipZoomFly&nbsp;listed Radeon HD 5970 from HIS earlier this week at $599.99. The card was quickly removed, but the proofs are http//www.google.com/products?q=HD%205970&amp;oe=utf-8&amp;rls=org.mozillaen-USofficial&amp;client=firefox-a&amp;um=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;sa=N&amp;hl=en&amp;tab=wfstill around</A>.</P><P>Even if prices will drop when the card appears, the biggest problem is still availability. We will soon be seeing more official information on this extreme graphics card sporting two Cypress GPUs that is expected to hold the performance crown for some time.</P>
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