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Thread: A good tip..

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    A good tip..

    Clean up the crew on NH.se.. Some of them does not follow the rules about:
    * Be nice and treat other members with respect even if you don’t share their opinions.
    * Personal attacks and/or offensive posting are not allowed.
    * Keep to the subject. If you don’t have anything to contribute with it’s better to not write at all.
    * Don’t post meaningless threads/posts.
    * It is not allowed to spread advertisements for any outsider activity without the permission of NordicHardware.
    Just pick..
    I think you know who's in thought, and i believe that's the same rules on NH.se's forum.

    BTW, i dont get a mail when someone's been answering in my threads?

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    I'm pretty sure you're out of fingers to point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mean Machine
    I'm pretty sure you're out of fingers to point.
    My point was very clear, and there is the receipt for that i believe.

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    Read and acknowledged. Looking into it.

    The mail sendouts went haywire a while back, it started working again for me after I updated my mail address.

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