<P>Memory maker OCZ has a broad assortment of memory modules and the majority of the products are supposedly made for enthusiasts. Users who are looking to squeeze every last drop of performance from the modules and OCZ has now launched a new cooler to help them do that, or at least keep them alive a bit longer. OCZ XTC Memory Cooler Rev. 2 use dual 60mm fans to move air at two speeds. The cooler also fits modules that aren't from OCZ's and offers a light show for those who appreciate colorful entertainment.</P>
<P>More information in OCZ's press release;</P><P><STRONG>OCZ Technology Announces the Latest XTC Memory Cooler to Enhance the Performance of Overclocking Modules</STRONG></P>
<P>San Jose, CA—June 15, 2009—OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled the latest memory cooling accessory, the OCZ XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) Cooler Revision 2 to promote dedicated airflow to modules. Active cooling combined with passive thermal solutions is extremely important in any rigorous overclocking environment, and OCZ developed the next generation XTC Cooler for supreme heat management of OCZ’s complete lineup of high-speed RAM.</P>
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<P>“The first revision of the OCZ XTC Memory Cooler proved to be a very popular product with a wide range of enthusiast and power users,” said Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management for OCZ. “We are excited to now offer a follow-up design with improved performance, an enhanced feature set, and a sleek new look, all at the same affordable price point as the original. The XTC Cooler Rev. 2 is fully compatible with the complete range of OCZ high-performance memory products.”</P>
<P>Once installed over the memory subsystem, the XTC Cooler’s dual 60mm fans channel a steady flow of air creating a cooler environment and promoting stability. Though optimized for use with OCZ’s specialized XTC heatspreaders, the Rev. 2 is a beneficial cooling aid for all system memory, including those with larger, taller heatsinks. Thanks to superior active cooling, dual fan speeds, and easy installation, this second edition cooler is the ultimate overclocking companion for enthusiasts seeking superior performance, longevity, and reliability from their memory.</P>
<P>With a sleek, new design including a taller profile for the latest heatspreaders, the XTC Cooler Rev. 2 features a brushed aluminum design, dual fans with blue LEDs, ultra quiet operation, and a two year warranty backed by OCZ’s leading technical support and service. If you’re a hardcore overclocker looking to maximize the airflow in your system or a case modder looking to add extra excitement and style, the OCZ XTC Cooler Rev. 2 is the ideal choice to pair with performance RAM.</P>
<P>For more information regarding the OCZ XTC Cooler Rev. 2, please visit our product page<U><STRONG>here</STRONG></U>.</P>
<P><STRONG>About OCZ Technology</STRONG></P>
<P>OCZ Technology Group, a member of JEDEC, designs, develops and manufactures ground-breaking, high performance memory and computer components that set industry standards. OCZ products are the first choice for users needing high-reliability, ultra-high performance solutions. In 2007, PC Power &amp; Cooling and Hypersonic PC were brought into the OCZ Technology Group, forming a well-rounded, highly innovative organization that places the company at the forefront of high-end computing. All of OCZ Technology Group's products are available through its worldwide network of distributors, online resellers and retail stores. For more information visit our website at www.ocztechnology.com</P>