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Thread: Game trouble

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    Game trouble

    GTA vice and bf ... started it up today and i noticed that both games freeze every 3rd second with a durance of 0.5 sek .. its very disturbing, anyone got any idea of what the causes is? im not sure its the gfx card (geforce 2 mmx) because i have used this card on the same games but on a less powerful computer

    i have an amd 2ghz 512 ddr ram epox 8rda+ and so on

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    I could be the system reading from the harddrive, it can cause this kind of lag. But as you have a descent amount of memory, it shouldn't lag that much (at least it doesn't for me). Maybe it has something to do with insufficent memory on the graphics board, or something like that, so that it has to fetch data over the AGP a lot. I dunno..

    I you haven't, enable frame limiter. It got all choppy on me, when I disabled it, even on my system.
    -- lolife

    AMD Athlon XP2500+ (Barton) @ 2GHz/FSB200. ASUS A7N8X Deluxe v2.0.
    2x256MB Kingston Hyper-X PC3000 @ 200MHz CL2 7-3-3. Hercules Radeon 9700 @ 338/318.

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    ah right, im on LAN, i noticed that if i removed the network cable from my network card it stopped lagging, why is this? my friend shared his internet connection to me at his place throu some xp sharing service.
    can virus cause this kind of problem ? or what is it all about

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    It could be virus. It can also be something in the background.

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