<P>MSI has launched a new series of power efficient graphics cards based on NVIDIA's GeForce 9800GT graphics circuit. The cards offers high quality capacitors and power circuitry demanding 25% less power than the former version. The two cards require no extra power than the power coming from the PCI Express slot and comes with HDMI and DVI outputs. MSI's new 9800GT comes with either 512MB or 1GB memory buffer and specified to consume 75W at most.</P>
<P>More on the cards below;</P><P><STRONG>MSI launches N9800GT Series Energy-saving, stable and easy to overclock</STRONG> </P>
<P>Global graphics and mainboard manufacturer MSI, today launches two energy saving graphics cards MSI N9800GT-MD512 and N9800GT-MD1G. Both cards use NVIDIA's GeForce 9800GT GPU, which not only delivers high performance but also uses a more advanced power control technology, decreasing power consumption up to 25%. These graphics cards are equipped with MSI's next generation solid capacitors, Hi-c CAPs, and solid state chokes (SSC) for better and more stable overclocking results.</P>
<P><STRONG>Hi-c CAP</STRONG>MSI N9800GT series is equipped with high-quality Hi-c CAPs for the GPU's power supply. Hi-c CAPs use the extremely rare Tantalum material in its core; which provide for a 200 year lifespan at a constant operating temperature of 65?C. This product beats all other solid state capacitors' standards. Tantalum's stability decreases the chance of power leakage to provide a better power supply and keeps the GPU stable even during overclocking.</P>
<P><STRONG>Solid State Choke (SSC) and All Solid Caps</STRONG>MSI's N9800GT series has the latest Solid State Chokes (SSC). These decrease the high-frequency buzz noise caused by traditional chokes when running under high electrical currents. SSC is capable of managing 30% higher currents than traditional chokes. This capability is crucial for maintaining stability when overclocking. Both MSI N9800GT graphics cards are also equipped with All Solid Capacitors, ensuring its stability and lifespan even further.</P>
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<P><STRONG>New GeForce N9800GT core</STRONG>The MSI N9800GT-MD1G and N9800GT-MD512 features an advanced power control technology, which makes the graphics cards 25% more power efficient compared to reference designs. These cards do not require an extra 6-pin power cord, thereby increasing convenience and saving on the electricity bill.</P>
<P><STRONG>Integrated HDMI port to easily setup an HTPC</STRONG>MSI's N9800GT series is bundled with an HDMI port in addition to DVI and D-Sub ports for a direct connection with an LCD TV. This advantage allows for high quality audio and visual content to be directly broadcasted on the TV for clear images and pounding sound effects.</P>
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