<P>Several manufacturers have already launched Radeon HD 4890 models with tuned specifications. AMD's latest GPU has a stock frequency of 850MHz, but already multiple partners have launched cards with the GPU turned up to 900MHz. It has been pretty clear though that this is far from the limit of AMD's latest graphics processor and we have since earlier been able to report that ASUS have a more extreme Radeon HD 4890 card in the works. Competitor PowerColor is not far behind.</P><P>PowerColor is said to be preparing a new model of Radeon HD 4890 that not only will sport a heatpipe cooler from ZeroTherm, that should be even more efficient than AMD's reference cooler, but also be blessed with higher frequencies from factory. The GPU will operate at 950MHz while the memory will be overclocked to 1100MHz (4400MHz effectively). PowerColor will use a new PCB to provide the card with better stability at the higher clock frequencies.</P>
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<P>The card is expected to appear before the end of the month.</P>