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Thread: Name the game!

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    Name the game!

    Hm, okay, I'll quote myself from another (Amiga) forum, so I know the language isn't the best

    "Game name wanted! I've been searching for the game FOREVER, from 1998 till now I just need it! You could be 4 player most, I THINK the name begins with B, disregard it, since I'm not sure.. If you were 4 players you had the colors blue, yellow, red and brown I think. You walked around the map (top-down view) and laid "eggs" on the ground, which were in your color. After some time they cracked open and a robot (or something?) came out, and it fought for you. The different colored robots (different teams) fought each other so to speak. There were several levels/maps, which you were on if you beat the computer (I think to beat someone is to killl all his robots/eggs). You could lay several eggs on the map at the same time, but in the right view you could see how much time must pass until you laied your next egg (I think). You could be 4 humans vs computer I think! At least 2 (I recall playing alone against the computer ) I NEED THe NAME OF THIS GAME!
    Got a little pic (though in Swedish ) here > http://fakkah.tehjunkyard.net/amigagame.GIF

    It's ugly painted, I know, but it might give you some idea.. Please help! A reward might be waiting for the one who can help me find it! Thanks alot!"
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    Thanks for all your help :evil:

    But i've found it :twisted: !

    Drumroll please.....

    It is BugBomber! :mrgreen:

    Edit: pic @ http://fakkah.tehjunkyard.net/img/bugbomber.GIF (low quality)
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