<P>ASUS has been offering its Republic of Gamers family of motherboards to demanding enthusiasts and gamers for a few years now. The motherboards have been the flagship with each respective platform and when ASUS has developed new functions for its motherboards it's RoG board that has been showing these first. So far ASUS has always stuck to the full-size ATX format with the RoG family, but now that a new motherboard is approaching it is with a smaller format.</P><P>ASUS has developed a new series within the RoG family that will be called Gene. We have been give some information that reveals that ASUS will launch two models, Rampage II Gene and Maximus II Gene. The boards are more less identical to its bigger siblings Formula and Extreme, or at least as many as you can fit within the microATX formfactor.</P>
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<P>The Gene series will become the first mATX motherboards of the RoG family and now enables users to fit ASUS' well endowed boards inside smaller systems also. We have been given some information on ASUS coming Gene series with both pictures and detailed specifications. </P>
<P>Rampage II Gene is expected to appear in stores later this month, and even if the board may be small the price tag till be big, but then you will get board like few others.</P>
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