<P>AMD has taken the next step with its Phenom II venture by announcing its first DDR3 platform. AMD has let loose several new processors, with both three and four cores using DDR3 memory instead of the older DDR2 standard. All in all there are five new processor models that have been unleashed, three quad-cores, Phenom II X4, and two tri-cores, Phenom II X3. </P><P>Socket AM3 is expected to become the best performing platform for the Phenom II family, but so far the fastest models are only available with the Socket AM2+ platform. Phenom II X4 910 that is the flagship of the AM3 platform operates at only 2.6GHz, compared to 3.0GHz with the AM2+ flagship Phenom II X4 940. Below is a list of the available Socket AM3 processors from AMD;</P>
<LI><EM>AMD Phenom™ II X4 910 - (2.6GHz) </EM>
<LI><EM>AMD Phenom™ II X4 810 - (2.6GHz) </EM>
<LI><EM>AMD Phenom™ II X4 805 - (2.5GHz) </EM>
<LI><EM>AMD Phenom™ II X3 720 Black Edition - (2.8GHz) </EM>
<LI><EM>AMD Phenom™ II X3 710 - (2.6GHz)</EM> </LI></UL>
<P>As the processor models reveal the upside is mainly the price and not the raw performance, a tested concept at AMD. By launching tri-core processors and also the X4 800 series with less cache AMD has more options for the X4 900 circuits that are not fully functional, it simply disables a core or cache memory and creates a new processor. </P>
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<P>Since prices are also lowered there isn't really much to complain about since the most expensive AM3 processors are Phenom II X4 810 which costs around $190, and the X4 910 model that costs around $215.</P>
<P>AMD continues what it started with the DDR2 models of Phenom II, with tight prices for best possible price/performance ratio and the real winners are of course the end users.</P>
<P>More on AMD's Socket AM3 platform in some of the reviews that has been posted;</P>
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